The Soul Bird And The False Prophet


The only thing we all have in equal amounts each day is time. It’s one of the only true level playing fields that exists for everyone. Yet we can and sometimes do put ourselves at a great disadvantage by stealing time from ourselves. How do we do this? Well for a start we can sit and worry about relationships, work and money. We can give power to fearful thoughts, beat ourselves up, listen to self talk and all of our stories of not being good enough and all the self judgements that go along with supporting them. The worst thing is that we do this to ourselves internally without any external help.

When this happens I find it can be helpful to think about which version of me is thinking these thoughts, is it my smart ass conditioned self ‘my ego’, or is it my supporting and loving unconditioned or ‘true self’?

I call my conditioned self The False Prophet, he is literally a Dickensian villain who masquerades as an ally. Someone who has got my back and is just looking out for my best interests and protecting me from the big bad world! If I’m ever feeling like life isn’t fair then it’s likely that my false prophet is behind the wheel and he never drives carefully, he doesn’t know where he is going and will never ask for directions. Ultimately he is a false prophet because he is full of fear and self judgements and well crafted stories about why life isn’t fair and why being inadequate is just something I should come to terms with and embrace. But he is always wrong and sometimes it takes a while to even become conscious to the internal subversion that’s going on.

My unconditioned self, my ‘soul bird’, I call him my hummingbird, is powerful, bright, agile, fun and full of life and energy. He is always ready to love me and support me and remind me of who I really am. We are not here to just fit into this world and survive, we are here to thrive, to be creative and to serve and to love with all of our hearts.

Louise Hay is known for saying ‘Life Loves You’ and she is right. When we let life love us a little bit more we reconnect with our truth and our true self again. We reconnect with our purpose and our intention to be creative and loving beings.

Are you prepared to let life love you more today?