Happiness, Heart Led Life

Be Water My Friend

There is something timeless and wonderful about how one human being can support and love another by simply serving them by listening and helping them a new perspective on life. Or by sharing knowledge and wisdom passed down to them or learned through experience. This is a natural process that …
Happiness, Heart Led Life

The Beauty of Simplicity

As the world we live in and create for ourselves via thought and experience becomes ever more complex, it is easy to get swept away. So much information like a chorus of noise going on around us and inside us. What I don’t want you know about me is that this was …
Happiness, Heart Led Life

The Blizzard

This story is about my father and was inspired by a dream I had recently about his life. My father is only 65 but has had a long and turbulent life and career. Starting out working as a high flying, high performing foreign exchange trader in the international trading room floors …
Happiness, Heart Led Life

Follow Your Heart

Let me tell you a story about me and where the Be Happiness Project was born. I was born in the UK but my childhood was anything but British. It all went down for the most part in Bahrain and the San Francisco bay area in California.  Whilst I do remember …