Be Happiness Project

What’s the Be Happiness Project?

A while ago it occurred to me that with a few wonderful exceptions like The Not So Serious Life run by the collective genius and loving wisdom of Steve Chandler and Jason Goldberg, there didn’t feel like there was much out there to celebrate happiness and stories of people who live a creative heart led life.  There is plenty of bad news and cynicism in the mainstream media and social media, lets create a positive and creative tribe to inspire and support each other.

Because of my love of art and creativity I am going to focus on sharing stories and inspiration from amazing artists and creatives around the world to help inspire and empower members of the Be Happiness Tribe.

2017 is going to see some new additions to Be Happiness which will include a related podcast and a new Be Happiness Tribe community for artists and all creative souls.

I look forward to sharing new stories and people with you and hope you enjoy them. If you do then please share them with your friends!

Big Love!